Our Advantages

  • 1.

    Training Programs

    Our training program is designed to meet the horse and rider's individual needs.

  • 2.

    Boarding Services

    Our team treats your horses as if they were our very own.

  • 3.

    Dressage Arenas

    Our arenas are kept dust free with an automatic sprinkler system. All three rings are watered and dragged daily. Good footing keeps horses happy and plays an important role in maintaining soundness.


  • Visual Equestrian is one of the nicest barns I have ever been to . I highly recommend Tonya Grant as a trainer –She is a very knowledgeable trainer with lots of patience.


  • Carole Grant started coaching me the summer of 2013 – I wish it were longer! She is without a doubt the best coach I have ever worked with. Carole is extremely intuitive about the horse, sees their strengths and weaknesses, how they think and react during training. She has a wealth of knowledge that she draws on to build the horse’s confidence and smooth the way for their learning. She is about the horse, creating an individual approach to their training. She also, can quickly assess the rider’s ability, strengths and weaknesses, provide the support needed, develop exercises and a planned approach to the training, and build the rider’s confidence for overall success.


Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to help you achieve your goals while keeping your horse’s well being at the forefront.

At Visual Equestrian we believe that it takes a team to be successful. Our staff will work as the team leaders, but it is essential that you and your horse are a central part of the team. We promote a balance between personal riding goals and what is best for your horse as well as the purity of training without taking shortcuts. Through teamwork, the needs of your horse will be met on a daily basis, which will enable success to follow.

Our Services

Training Programs

We provide full board and training services. Our training program caters to green or young horses all the way through Grand Prix. Our programs include both adult and youth programs. We also provide high school work training for both you and your horse. We provide a flexible schedule where you can ship in with your horse for a single day of training or stay for 3 or more days of training. We can tailor a training program that fits both you and your horse.

Boarding Services

We are very proud of our boarding services. Our stalls are 12 X 12 with open windows that allow the horses to hang their heads outside. We provide both a wash stall and a tack room. Our daily care includes feeding 4 times a day which includes high quality hay and grain. As part of our daily care we also do daily night checks.

Dressage Arenas

We have three state of the art dressage arenas with high quality footing. Our indoor facility footing has just been updated this fall with a very nice race blend sand base. This footing is used in several other top Dressage Facilities. Our two outdoor arenas are built with a sprinkler system to reduce dust. We maintain our solid footing in our arenas by daily dragging and watering.

Training Sessions

Training Clinics

Tonya helping Jill

Training Clinics

Carole providing great insights into her training

Training Horses

Schooling Farica at Waterloo

Winter Training Sessions

We have training sessions through out the Winter.

Training School movements

Tonya following her dad's footsteps.

Young horses

Tonya starting Chrysti's ground work


The whole Grant family loves riding.