Basic Rein Aid Videos

  • 1.

    Direct Rein Aid

    This video describes the Direct rein aids. The direct rein aid is the most basic rein aid. This is the first rein aid we teach a young horse for turning.

    Direct Rein Aid
  • 2.

    Indirect Rein Aids

    Indirect reins are great rein aids to manuver the horse's shoulders. We can also use the indirect reins for flexing the horse.

    Indirect Rein Aid
  • 3.

    Pulley and Neck Rein Aids

    The pulley rein can help you out stop the horse. The neck rein can be used to bring the shoulders over quickly.

    Pulley/Neck Rein Aids

Important Tips on Training Young Horses

1. Don’t fret over mistakes, know how to help the horse understand what you want or seek help from a qualified professional.

2. Training horses isn’t all smooth sailing, trust your trainer and stay with the program long enough to see the results.

3. Do your research on getting a trainer that will fit your needs. Look at show records, history and watch how the trainer works. Ask if you can sit in on some training rides or lessons to see if that person is a good fit for you and your horse. Recognize sitting in on a training session is a privilege and be appreciative to get a behind the scenes look into a barn before making your decision.

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Preparing a young horse for Backing

The making of an FEI horse starts when they are weaned from their mother.

When my horses are two years old everything I do or my staff does is geared toward making them the best horses they can be for the future. At two years old they are continuing to learn from the other horses in their heard. They are being brought to the stable 3-5 days a week for work in hand.

Our goal is to have them comfortable with the saddle and bridle by the end of 6 months. At the end of the 2-year-old year your horse should be comfortable in the cross ties and being groomed.

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