Our Mission

For both Horse and Riders

Our mission is to train horses according to their age and experience while sequentially building on the fundamentals. We believe the future of dressage belongs to the youth coming up with a passion for riding. Our stable offers a wide range of training opportunities geared towards all levels and all ages of riders. We believe you are never too young or too old to enjoy the many gifts horses have to offer.


Horses in Training

Our training program

At Visual Equestrian we have horses in training of all ages and levels. We offer a comprehensive youth program designed to give kids riding and horsemanship skills. For youth and adults Tonya will meet with students to design the best plan for you and your horse. While we are a competitive stable we recognize not everyone has competitive goals. If you are looking to have your horse trained for pleasure we can design a plan for you. Training horses to be obedient while having full trust in the human is our goal.



Clinic Events

We are proud to be hosting a freestyle and CE Judging program this summer 2017.



Blog, Videos and Articles

We believe strongly in providing education using different media forms. We have created a series of training videos to help teach the basics. Our videos start with Rein Aids to basic dressage movements. We designed these videos to help you understand the fundenmentals. Tonya's blog provides various insights into her training techniques and experiences.


Tonya's Blog

Our Service

Our training focuses on helping to bring horse and rider together.

We provide a flexible schedule where you can ship in with your horse for a single day of training or stay for 3 or more days of training. We can tailor a training program that fits both you and your horse. Visual Equestrian strives to provide a premier training facility.

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  • Congratulations to Marla Karimipour

    We are very happy to announce Marla Karimipour purchase of 10 year old PRE Norte. We are looking forward to a great partnership between Norte and Marla.

  • Rider's Seat Clinic with Ton Nagel (Zen and the Horse)

    This two day clinic explains how to achieve an independent seat and how to move in harmony with your horse. This information applies to all riding disciplines.

  • Musical Freestyle with Terry Ciotti Gallo

    We will be hosting the Musical Freestyle with the MDA for the second year. Her clinic was very successful last year and we are looking forward to hosting it again.

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