Our Team

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    Training Assistants

    Our training assistants work with your horses teaching them basic ground manners. They are responsible for grooming and riding. When possible the horses will be taken on trail rides for a break from the arena.

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    Pony Team

    We are very proud to be supporting the future of our sport by teaching children the basic fundentamentals of Dressage. We teach with the goal that they learn and have fun. We always include time for the children to learn both riding and care of their ponies.

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    Barn Team.

    Our barn team keeps the barn running smoothly. They do all the hardwork of mending fences and keeping the farm running efficiently. They are always working on improving our facility.

Team Quotes

  • What is there to say, I love working with the horses.


  • I love working with the young horses on the ground. Bringing them up from the ground to riding is very rewarding.


Our Team

From Training Assistants to Pony team.

We have an excellent team at our facility. Our assistants work with the horses every day. The horses are properly handled on the ground to promote good manners. Our assistants work closely with your horse which helps them notice any differences in their behavior or movement. This helps us maintain their health.

Our pony riders have lots of fun. Tonya teaches them the foundation of Dressage while maintaining a fun atmosphere. The kids enjoy trail rides after their lessons. We believe it is important for them to have a well rounded education.

Our barn team just recently added two new paddocks for turnout. We are always working hard to make the facility as clean and safe as possible for your horse.

Our Team Photographs


Shianne Calamia is in charge of the horses daily care. Shianne truly cares about each individual horse and provides good information to Tonya about how they are feeling.


Kirsten Jedele is the mother of two Junior Riders at Visual Equestrian. Kirsten is always busy around the barn helping with chores and riding horses.

Tonya Grant

Tonya's love of training horses has come from her family roots. She is the head trainer and enjoys working with students of all levels. She loves being able to bring her love of the sport to her students.


Gary keeps the farm running smooth. Fixing our tractors and barn repairs, he is always busy. We are so happy that Gary is part of our team.


Marie is the owner of Visual Equestrian. She is an all around team member. She does the website, the bookwork and then braids at the show. She helps everywhere she can.


Grant is one of Tonya’s 3 sons. Grant enjoys riding with his Mom and spending time at the barn. Grant has a natural ability to stay patient when training his ponies.


Amelie and Marcus are an up and coming pair. The two have a great bond. Amelie would never stop riding or go home if she had her way.


Lina is an up and coming junior rider. She is aspiring to ride her new pony Pooh Bear in the FEI pony division. She has already learned so much from her new pony.


Ashley is an up and coming rider. She has been riding her pony since she was 3. She has formed a special bond with her pony. We are so proud to have her on our pony team.


Hailey is becoming an excellent rider. She and her pony are already qualified for Region 2 Dressage Equitation.